Our Philosophy

Friendly Atmosphere • Supportive Community • Christian Values


Baycrest Village began in May 1985 with a vision. A group of retired Baptist friends saw the need to provide a more affordable living for retirees who preferred to have fewer Village amenities, larger homes, and a more independent lifestyle, enjoying most of their sport and recreation in the wider community.

In 1994 Baycrest Village gained Charitable Trust status, which has proved to be a very positive advance. As a result, Baycrest is able to offer you the best possible homes and community facilities for a most reasonable price.

Our Team

Ideal for Me

Beautiful little village, friendly residents. Ideal for me!

Restful Haven

Baycrest is a restful haven - well run, comfortable and well thought out living/plans of units. An ideal retirement lifestyle.

Beautifully kept

I have enjoyed living in the Village for 20 years. The Village is beautifully kept under a competent manager.

I love the lifestyle

I feel happy and secure here with lovely close neighbours but can be independent. I love the lifestyle.